Two Emerging Scientific Fields

by Sierra Parisian


This is a new material that has been developed in Zurich with the input and research of scientists from three countries. The UK, The Czech Republic and Switzerland.Graphene is an extremely thin material at only one atom thick, and is destined to revolutionise industry in many areas, but especially in computer electronics and solar cells.It has extraordinary mechanical and electronic properties, and despite being one of the thinnest materials ever created, it manages to retain a very high level of rigidity.All of these qualities will be a great asset to developers of products already being manufactured, but will no doubt give rise to new innovative technologies that can capitalise on the release from previous physical restrictions.

Nutritional Genomics

There is a growing interest and research amongst scientists into how diet may affect genetic variations at a molecular level.This whole new science has some fascinating and far reaching questions to find answers to. For instance, are we pre-disposed towards certain foods (and the attendant problems created by those foods) because our genetic structure dictates so? Could these traits be reversible for the good?Needless to say that the ultimate aim for neutrigeneticists would be to formulate a plan for individuals based on their own personal genetic make-up. The possibilities of this ever growing research will have far reaching effects on the way we all live our lives.For myself, I have to say that I doubt very much that any future personal genetic manipulation will have much effect on my love of donuts!