Moving On From Cigarettes

by Sierra Parisian

As smoking is getting banned in more and more areas and as health concerns rise, many people are looking to quit their smoking habits. This can be hard without knowing exactly how or what to do, so here are a few suggestions, some hints, and tips to help smokers reach their goal of being a non-smoker.The main problem for smokers is the desire for a nicotine kick. As soon as the craving sets in, smokers will reach for a cigarette to have that quick puff, but what if there was a different, slightly healthier way to get that kick? There is, and it comes in the form of Swedish Snus. Snus is a tobacco product that comes in small pouches. A slightly wet powder, a single pouch is carefully placed under the top lip against the gum. The thinner skin here allows the nicotine in the pouch to be absorbed through the membrane and into the bloodstream thus giving the user the desired nicotine intake. The best way to use snus to stop smoking is to pay attention to when the craving kicks in. When it does, instead of reaching for that cigarette, grab a snus pouch instead and hey presto, no more smoking!For those that are trying to quit using nicotine whatsoever, there is also nicotine-free snus on offer so that after they have weaned themselves of cigarettes, they can continue the process to be completely nicotine-free. Snus has worked for many people around the world, so why not give it a try as well? Other options involve e-cigarettes, patches, and gum. Try them out to see what works best.Quitting smoking is hard, but with a good well-kept plan and some perseverance, it is entirely possible to get to that healthy lifestyle that people so desire.