Health Benefits of Sunlight

by Sierra Parisian

The health benefits of sunlight are more far reaching than many people are aware. There are countless health benefits to having the sunlight kiss your skin on a daily basis, not least of which is avoiding the depressive state of mind linked to seasonal affective disorder.Aside from SAD, the sun’s rays can prevent people from experiencing conditions like high blood pressure. When the human body spends time under sunlight, blood pressure drops and the blood is capable of taking more oxygen to the tissues of the body. This brings oxygen to the muscles of the body in a similar way to that which takes place when exercising.Health benefits that we get from the sun include the stimulation of the production of the essential vitamin D. This vitamin aids in the development of the bone structure, more so in growing children. It also improves overall immune health, making us less susceptible to ailments. Adequate exposure to sunlight also reduces acne and other undesired skin inflammations.The sun can also significantly improve our mental health. Exposure to sunlight will help lighten your mood and this will assist you to manage your stress levels. Radiations emitted by the sun can also cure a variety of skin conditions such as jaundice and psoriasis.Sunlight can also lower cholesterol. The sun’s rays convert high cholesterol in the blood into sex hormones and steroid hormones, which we need for reproduction. A lack of sunlight causes substances in the blood to turn into cholesterol, contributing to high cholesterol.

Indoor Lights Powered by the Sun’s Rays

Electricity isn’t the only way to power indoor lights. Thanks to an invention by Parans, the sun’s rays can now actually be transported deep into buildings in order to power indoor lights. The sun’s rays are captured by external collectors and then transported through fibre optics to indoor lights.These sun-emitting indoor lights come in a wide variety of forms to create different lighting effects. People who are indoors are then actually benefiting from the sun’s rays and the health benefits that we have described.People who spend any amount of time under these lights are healthier, more productive and are generally more positive, having avoided the risk of experiencing conditions like seasonal affective disorder.